The Kiss Phone (Not The K.I.S.S. Phone)


Here it is.

You and your loved one have a handset each. You snog one end and it snogs with the same force, touch (and tongue?!?!?!?) at the other end.

Creepiest. Invention. Ever.

6 thoughts on “The Kiss Phone (Not The K.I.S.S. Phone)

  1. I wonder, can it mimic a sucking action? Could bring a whole new dimension to phone sex lines, might even be worth the exorbitant €2 per min!

  2. hmmm makes the mind wonder, if they could replicate the whole eh sensation for other body parts. But what if the other party wasn’t expecting it and all of a sudden a tongue (in this instance) just popped out?

    …to the drawing board…

  3. that phone is really tacky, who in their right mind would want to kiss a phone….. probably the sort of person that likes to kiss blow up dolls!!

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