The Last Few Days, Now In Handy Picture Form!


Dragged kicking and screaming against my will by a friend to Mamma Mia


Found this on the wall of the toilets in Savoy One, thought it poignant…




Tommy T in Vicar Street.

He started really well and then tailed off towards the end…




The drive out past the Point, the OB in Balbriggan Main Street, a wedding…




A walk in the woods…


7 thoughts on “The Last Few Days, Now In Handy Picture Form!

  1. I freaking loved Mamma Mia. Obsessively so. But I knew I would because I love ABBA, Meryl Streep and cheesy musicals.

    I’d never ever bring most of my friends to it because there’s no point whatsoever if you don’t like those sort of films. Random breaking into song is definitely not for everyone.

    Nice piccies by the way 😀

  2. omg, my u2 friends would ‘so’ try and steal that billboard! thought i’d pop in and say hi, fishing is fantastic, canoeing is enjoyable, music fest was not bad except for the rowdy drunks who took a cheap pot shot at my stepkid. Paul Rodgers was absolutely fabulous!

  3. Annie, thanks 🙂

    Tan, alright then!! I chose dammit!! Good thing you got me so drunk beforehand 😉

    Donna, sad to hear about festival feckers 🙁

    Liz, the most extraordinary things happen in bathrooms 🙂

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