The Last Waltz…

And so that’s the end of it all… Off to Cork now for the weekend pretty much straight away but will post when I get back on the last couple of days of the show with piccies as well 🙂

R x

0 thoughts on “The Last Waltz…

  1. Hey Rick,

    I think you and ruth did such an amaizing job on the show, i tuined in every morning with delight as you didnt no what to expect. Your live breakfeast was brill.

    So all is left for me to say is me and along with the rest of the country (i’d say) We take our hat of to u and ruth and say thank you for those brillent 6 months.

  2. Yep, echo the previous posters comments. I’m raging now I never got a chance to send in the two gifts I made for yourself and Ruth. I made them last week and I quite literally never got a chance to get to the post office during the week. Damn, but anyway, I’ll send them tomorrow morning without fail.

    Sad to see the show go but ye went out with a good buzz and it was a great 6 months. Thanks for getting the nation up and out of bed in the morning!

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