19 thoughts on “The Look. And It Goes “Na Na Na Na Naaaaaaa”

  1. OMG! Am I typing in the correct place. I know I am old and the world calls me ‘Weird’ but this is hopeless Rick!

    Can’t see to read the posts properly and commenting is guess work.

    Now do what Grannymar tells you: TURN ON THE LIGHT!

    Black backgroung is not a good iodea if you want to keep an audience – think broadcasting with the mike swwitched off!

  2. Sorry but I always thought white text on a dark background was a big design no-no, especially for those of us with poor eyesight. It’s headache inducing, to be honest. Not a fan of the new look Rick, sorry!

  3. Funny… I can see it perfectly, and I like the new look! One vote the other way…

  4. Hmmmmm. I don’t remember saying there’d a be a vote of any kind 😉

    Black? It comes out a gorgeous chocolate brown here with grey text!

  5. I like it rick nice colour scheme its cool Love the show and blog keep it up

  6. I was certain it was black with white text this morning when I first looked but it looks chocolate brown with grey text now – which looks (a wee bit) better. Still think dark text on a white b/g is easier on the eye though.

  7. my laptop. ink black (think dixie chicks video) with tiny white letters and hard to find reply box. on hubby’s desktop a lighter shade of brown black but def nto chocolatey. and if my 40 something eyes are straining… well, i wont say more 🙂

  8. btw, i seem to not be able to find any link to take me to yesterdays blog unless i click on the blog title and get teh entire list in one page.

  9. @B: about black backgrounds saving electricity… actually they only do that on CRT screens (the older larger screens), which are older technology.

    With the current technology (TFT or LCD) screens it actually takes MORE power to show black as opposed to white.

    -Oh, and some pictures have their pictures in the comments because they registered an image on http://www.gravatar.com

  10. Jaysus. Yiz are all being very charitable to give it a go (and envoronmentally friendly….. Or not….) Leave it a while and see how it sits in.

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