The Main Course


Yes. I know. Not my doing. People were ripping them down off walls at the end of the night. Look for them to be appearing in student gaffs covering holes in the wall in the near future.

Here’s what I came away with:


I had 87 Jamesons last night (although no hangover today as usual!) so excuse the fractured nature of what is to follow…

Yes I Won. Sweet fuck I won! WHAT IN THE NAME OF SWEET FLYING JESUS ON A BICYCLE IS THAT ABOUT! Graham Linehan was in my category. As was Una and The Chancer and RP!!!!


Sorry if you were there to witness my acceptance speech. It went something like this (and I’m paraphrasing):

Announces nominees and opens envelope


Stupid smile creeps across his face

“It’s me.”

Crumples up envelope and paper and throws it away in disbelief

Followed by the exclusive video footage you can find here:

Yes, I cried. Fuck yes. I’ve never won anything for anything in my life and I’ve spent 14 years trying. I did say that I would rather have won a Bloggie than a Meteor (true). I did forget to thanks Amanda, David and Tom all of whom work on the show and throw me over cool things they like the look of that end up here. They are at least as responsible for the origin of a lot of the best bits here and they rock.

Even today I’m wandering around on a huge high of love for everyone after meeting so many incredible writers who are fantastic people some of whom must have come here, judged, and liked what they saw. Having said that it is possible I’m still drunk.

In other good news I did manage to hypnotise other nominees afterwards with the gong:


And, like buses, they never come one at a time when, eventually, they do come.

Mulley also gave me a Special Recognition award for the work I’ve done over the last 3 years. Nonsense. I turn up on the day, faff about, jot some notes, get up there, talk shite and then spend the rest of the evening being accosted by brilliant people I really like. Hard work indeed.

Still, it’s pretty and sparkly so I love it 🙂

The rest of the evening is slightly more fragmented…

The fake, badly spelt, handmade fluffy badges? My fault.


Me and RP made them up after a trip to Easons cause we didn’t want people to feel left out. If you have one send me some piccies of its travels! Same goes if you took a pic of you and me on the night! I didn’t have a camera so mail what you got, please. Particularly if you’re licking my face in the shot. Long story.

Met my secondary school english teacher!!!!! He was sponsoring a category and HAS A BLOG!!!!! I know. He wouldn’t approve of me using so many exclaimation marks.

I’m still having flashbacks now and will fill in the gaps in the next few days but….


The legendary Shane Hegarty. He saw me on a beach in Skerries 5 years ago.

The incredibly talented Julie-Anne who made us all wear her very cool t-shirts. I want one of the flying moustache ones! For my birthday? 😉

The impeccibly perfect, as always, Sigla. Told her if she sat at the back of the room it’d be a long walk up the room to accept…

Grannymar, who made time for me in her very elegant and eloquent way 🙂 I completely agree with her wonderful acceptance speech – comments are the lifeblood of all our blogs so don’t just lurk!!!!

Grandad!!! It’s like finding out Santa is real. He’s real. Really real! Not just some fictional character like Twenty or Unarocks (she’s really a 43 year old spinster librarian from the South Circular Road with 8 cats you know). I had genuinely thought for some time he was just too perfect to be human. Nope. Real as you or I or….

Flirtysomething. Another fictional character who turned out to be totally real! She did come up and whisper in my ear as promised 🙂 I can’t begin to say how surreal the idea that she was starstruck by me is. Right back atcha.

Ryan. Total ledgebag as usual. He’s taken the only 2 pictures of me that I like. I’ve ripped them off. Totally. It was his work that appeared as my official headshot at the Meteor Awards recently. I, early on and quite jokingly, said to him:

“You’ll have to take another one of me for this year”

He, in an almost whisper, said as he walked away:

“Already have…..”

Una, Lili (send my that picture of us all puhleeeeeeeze?), Corina. Embodying the true spirit of the evening by getting hammered and then dancing on the tables (not a metaphor) as they left. See yiz on Friday ladies…

The forninepounders, many of whom I met for the first time and who all sat up the front and cheered loudly for everyone. Disappointed at not winning but they’re young and will be back in force next year 🙂 One bad note? King Atreus’ chariot was broken into outside the Awards. Boo-urns I say!

The absolute, total hit of the night were the category introductions done by George W Bush. Written by Twenty, produced by Mcawilliams. Brilliant. Any sign of them appearing on Youtube lads?

Also loving Twenty’s (possibly drunken and forgotten) suggestion that me, he, Mulley, Sinead, Suzy and a few others meet up for dinner some time. Kind of like The Bilderberg Group for bloggers.


I’ll remember more in the fullness of time…

Anyway, in conclusion,

Best. Night. Out. Ever.

22 thoughts on “The Main Course

  1. Ya played a blinder, Rick. Were you not expecting that award, or what?

    Incidentally, I’m not real. Sorry to break the sad news. I was just a fig leaf of your imagination…..

  2. Well done Rick, I have a feeling the crying may well have been captured from the front row, and may appear on a flickr site very soon.

    Congrats again well deserved.

  3. congrats to you! (and please disregard my comment in your previous blog entry.. i should have kept reading before asking dumb questions 🙂 )

  4. Una, I find it hard to believe you regret anything 🙂

    Elly…. I lost it 🙁 You got some more? 🙂

    Aphrodite, I did strangely. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me…

    Thanks Annie R!! And Irish KC and McA and Lili and everyone!!!!!

    And Grandad, you might be right. Particularly with the amount of whiskey consumed. Could have sworn you commented here today too…

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