5 thoughts on “The Munster Haka

  1. And what about Jerrys tache….there’s a man who’s giving his all for “MOVEMBER” (even if he does look like a 70s porn star)!

  2. i was fortunate to see a maori haka in person a fw years ago in hollywood of all places.. it was a complete surprise to the party goers and the room virtually tingled with the energy! amazing thing the haka

  3. ooooooooh my god thank you thank you thank you I totally forgot to look it up on oo-toob. was SO gutted I had to miss the game (work, pah, no tellies, no nettie, had to get sms updates from excited mates!)

    THANKS RICK!!!!!!!!!!

  4. everything about tues was abs fantastic.. really.. i just don’t want to dwell on the final score, there was too much pride and heartfelt emotion rightly pouring from pretty much anything with a pulse to get stuck on that..
    two things tho, two things that i think a lot of people googled after the match.. ‘movember’ and the hottie that is paul warwick 😉

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