13 thoughts on “The New Headline Picture

  1. Terrible, it looks like a bunch of those things pubs put in urinals to stop fag butts getting in the drains, along with some mothball type things to stop bad smells! uhhh…

  2. The colours look inverted them so I erm unverted them and it looks more normal alright but still don’t recognise the thingummajigs in the sink are. They’re not baby potatoes are they?

  3. Damn – missed out on the love and adoration. But surely it’s unfair…….Ladies never get to see urinal cakes.(and never in such abundance – Good God what do ye be at in bathrooms?)

  4. apologies rick! didn’t mean to “rain on the proverbial parade” by gettin it right first go! just found my post here, had forgotten all about it! one of the things one ends up doing when one does a google upon oneself!

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