5 thoughts on “The Politics Of Fear…

  1. The reaction to the New Yorker cover has been absurd.

    If there is still someone out there who a) has never heard the rumor that the Obamas are America-hating Black separatist Muslim terrorists, but b) would believe as much if he heard it–is it really very likely that the cover of The New Yorker will provide his first exposure to those ideas?

    The idea that it is racist is nonsense: the Afro and fist-bump are not generalized racial caricatures, but rather direct allusions to specific accusations leveled at the Obamas. The right’s coöption of each concept is fair game for satire, and it’s not clear how artist Barry Blitt could have depicted them in a non-racially specific way.

    I have much more to say on these subjects here.

  2. Clearly it was supposed to be satirical but they should have had more sense. It could quite easily be taken as defamatory propaganda on the part of the New Yorker (friends of Hillary I thought).

    Perhaps a stroke of genius on behalf of the editor. It will probably be their biggest selling issue this year.

  3. I dunno, I quite like it. I think when you take it with the title (The Politics Of Fear) it’s a quite effective satire of some of the nonsense going arund the right wing parts of the ‘net…

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