The Rip Heard Across The World…

You’re the only person in the universe who hasn’t seen this, right?


So today on the show we ask – when have you torn something up in anger, horror, revenge?

13 thoughts on “The Rip Heard Across The World…

  1. I’m glad I got to see this finally; the level of outrage in the country really isn’t justified by this woman’s actions. So she wasn’t interested in going to the Toy Show? So what? You can clearly hear her on the phone saying that he could raffle the tickets off if he wanted – except it was mainly drowned out by Pat ripping up the tickets!

    Having finally seen it, I’m happy to jump in on the “Pat’s a plank for overreacting” bandwagon. He just did it to play for laughs, and it kinda backfired…

  2. I break shit out of anger all the time! Phones, pens, tearing up stuff I write, doors, can openers, guitars, computer mice.

    This isn’t a problem, is it?


  3. Yep, lets all attack Pat Kenny har-dee-har-ha-ha… you work with far bigger pricks Rick.

    Most people say thanks for winning something, he was entirely right.
    She could’ve said she didn’t want them after the show ended y’know.

  4. what a horrible old bag.. your average person wouldn’t say anything other than ‘i’m delighted! yay!’ and sound at least really excited to have won ten grand *sigh* and gladly hand the tickets to neighbours with kids, friends with kids, whoever
    that said, plank ripping up the tickets was probably the most controversial thing he’s done in a long time

  5. That is feckin hilarious! Fair play to Pat though, he shouldnt have ripped them up but he was right to make her feel like a bit of an ignorant fool.

  6. Except you could tell from the tone of her voice that she had no idea that the tickets were being torn up. Very polite and measured.

    If she had followed “I won’t be going” with “because my children/neighbours want to go instead of me” while he was busy tearing them up he’s have felt a right plank.

    Asking “why” might have been a better response.
    Has he raffled the tickets yet? how much did he make? And who gets that money?

  7. Ouch. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it for ages. Will is right, I don’t think she knew that the tickets were being ripped up 🙁

    She’s getting hate mail now apparently. Crazy people.

  8. She was probably just sitting at home on her sofa made out of 50 euro notes and entered cos she thought the 10 grand will make a nice matching foot stool for her to put the feet up on.

    I’ll take Pat the Planks indignant hissy fits over Gerry the Chins fawning over Snow Patrol and how great they are and really helped him blah blah blah anyday!

  9. @Pat You rock.

    @una Only if it’s on homeless orphans…

    @B’ No comment 😉

    @Voodoo If you don’t have a hyperlink in your signature how are we supposed to find your sexy new blog….? 🙂

    @radar LOL

  10. I hadn’t seen this till now. hadn’t even heard about it!

    On the one hand, she did come across as ungrateful. Pat over-reacted *very* quickly though. Hmmmm.

    All the people who’d really appreciate those tickets…

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