The Saturday Show Podcast…

As RTE makes its way into the wonderful world of “th’oul technology there” the thought has occured to me to mention here 2FM’s first (of many I hope) official podcast.

Will & The Saturday Show crew have put together a best of 2005 (Ryan Giggs, Charlotte Church, Jonathan Ross etc) including bits that were too rude for radio..

You can get the lot for nowt HERE


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  1. Heard the promo for this today – and about time it is too!

    Please understand: it’s not that we don’t like to listen to ye on the old FM – but once you get used to the convenience of listening to podcasts at a time and place that suits you, it’s very hard to be arsed about tuning in to “scheduled” programming.

    So Radio 1 have tried it, now 2FM – Hey, do us a favour Rick and give your stable mates in RnaG a nudge for us? I think they’d be pleasantly surprised to see the kind of worldwide subscriber base a podcast “as Gaeilge” can attract. And well done to Will. I shared a mike with him once a long time ago – glad to see that experience hasn’t held him back! 😉


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