The Science Museum…

London’s Science Museum is one of THE most exciting places I’ve even been.

In one building they have…

Models from Wallace & Gromit:


A mock up of Apollo 11:


Charles Babbage’s difference engine. If it weren’t for this there wouldn’t be what I’m typing this on:


A Ford Model T:


The original model that Watson And Crick used for discovering the structure of DNA:


The *actual* Apollo 10 command module…


Their reception area:


An Enigma decoding machine:


And this. Listening Post. It takes fragments of text from chatrooms all over the internet and displays them, some with music, some without, some themed… It’s hypnotic:


They even have thermal imaging cameras you can play with 🙂


Best. Place. Ever.

2 thoughts on “The Science Museum…

  1. Quite possibly the most interesting place I’ve been in EVER. Well, except maybe for the Natural History Museum next door.

    I bet you got your photo taken with the Apollo 11 astronaut. 😉

  2. Ohh excellent- will have to get there with the boys eventually! The Smithsonian has some similar space things but it looks more approachable there. Love the model T- was in my great grandmothers garage once and she was storing one for a friend- great to actually be able to sit in one!

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