The Show Christmas Party…

Righty ho – let’s get started talking about this here. We’re having our Christmas Party OB this Wednesday in the window of Marks & Spencer, Grafton Street from 6 to 9… Yes, you’re invited to pop along at any time, no, you don’t need a ticket!

Already due in are Des Bishop, The Stunning, Keith Barry, PJ Gallagher and The Blizzards with more to follow…



2 thoughts on “The Show Christmas Party…

  1. I’ll be first in the queue to see you in the window of M & S – Thanks for the great article on epilepsy in Friday’s Herald. Your support throughout 2006 has been priceless.

    Keep up the good work,

    Glenda (Brainwave)

    P.S. When is Little Rick No.3 due???

  2. Ach you cam always count on your mates to turn up 🙂 That would be March m’dear so not quite yet….

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