The Showosfear

On Friday, inspired by Maxi’s Blogosfear project I decided to let the nation have a go. One story written in small segments over the course of the three hours of the show.

I wrote the first line…

1) The heavy door creaked on its hinges as it opened slowly….

And you wrote in your thousands.

We ended up with this:

2) I didn’t want to go inside, but i’d come this far, against my better judgement i pushed open the door, every creak tearing my already frayed nerves. Crossing into the unknown darkness, my vision, dimly illuminated by the light of the moon, with everything to lose and nothing to gain, i entered the abandoned space. What i saw next both horrified and shook me, to my very core… (Maura Donlon, Galway) 

3) In the darkest corner of the room lay a doll replica of myself with an expression of fear etched into its face. It was pointing to something with its blood stained fingers… (ailbhe mc Donagh, Dublin) 

4) I shakingly turned my gaze to the corner my rancid likeness was pointing at. Trembling I dragged to the putrid blood stained box that lay in the emptiness.I took hold of the latch knowing with every fibre of my being i shouldn’t. I unknowingly started to pry the rusty edges open. (Liam Heslin, Longford) 

5) Inside the box lay a photo. My shaking hands tore it out of its hiding place and although i dared not, my face bent down to meet its image. The photo reflected the scene that i now found myself and a soundless scream caught in my throat as the photo revealed what now stood behind me. (Sinead Curtis, Blanchardstown, Dublin) 

6) My eyes darted uncertainly towards where its face should have been. Slowly a head started to reveal itself from the shadowed folds of the hood. I stood aghast looking at the daunting face of the mythical creature that is …the televeision license man. (Shane Higgins, Carraroe, Co.Sligo)

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