The Way Of The World…

Right so.

Just in case you thought I was keeping something from you here’s part 276 in how radio actually works…

2pm today – my boss calls asking to see me

3pm – I see him

5pm – the press release is sent out to the media

That’s how swiftly these things happen.

You’ll probably read about it in the papers in the morning but as and from the end of June/beginning of August I’ll be moving to 6 to 9pm weeknights to do something very very new.

Yes, I’m absolutely stunned and delighted. Yes, I have a stack of ideas that will fit a show like this just right. Yes, if you like what I do right now you’ll probably like the new thing too. But, to be fair, I’ve only been digesting this for 5 hours so more will come out in time.

It’s all part of the new schedules here at 2FM and over at Radio 1 – the press release is HERE


13 thoughts on “The Way Of The World…

  1. Ya well done Rick.

    You never know somoe day you could be walking down a corridor in RTE. Some boss will pull you in a door. 5 hours later. Bang you’ll be hosting the Late Late

  2. Jaysus Damien… Just read the last sentence of your blog post…. Thanks As if my blood pressure isn’t bad enough!!!



  3. Seems like a crazy way to run a business to me. Shuffle shuffle shuffle. Is there any feedback sessions around the country on what listeners actually want on 2fm beyond the obsession with JNLR’s which had you moved anyway from the breakfast show which was a stupid move.

  4. Congrats Rick! Just saw the news on Damien’s blog, well done! I’m sure you are delighted, so does that mean you do nothing all day 😉

  5. OH I just noticed you are reading tales of the city, I loved that when I read it first, there are loads of others, more tales of the city, further tales of the city, babycakes and significant others! (some titles maybe wrong). They do lose their impact towards the end. But tales of the city till about book three – excellent.

    One Armistead Maupin which I absolutely highly recommend is ‘maybe the moon’.

    Its a wonderful book and you can read it during one of your afternoon’s off!

    I did that and lent it to a pal, by the fifth day, fivE different people had read and loved it.

  6. Just finished actually and thoroughly enjoyed it… Found a huge edition of all the books in a charity shop for €4! Sweet…..



  7. Hey thats great news. I suppose we’ll have to call you Mr Rick from now on 😉

  8. Here, play a request for Damo, stabber, Locky, Morph, smasher, digger, wankhammer, fister, Anto and Digger in the ‘brack.

    Lash on some o’ dat old Tin Lizzard. Good man.

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