The Zen Of Communication

Le Craic is my new favourite blog. Seriously.

I did make the mistake of asking what great work of art we could use to advertise me, inspired by Pamela Flood being put in Boticelli’s The Birth Of Venus. He stepped up to the plate.


You have SO much to live up to…

8 thoughts on “The Zen Of Communication

  1. Thanks for the linkage(s) RIck. Well, it’s because of this blog primarily and the handful of others I frequent that nudged me along the way to getting a blog as an outlet for my meanderings.

  2. Yeah, I noticed the swastika just after I uploaded the pic but didn’t notice Rick got the original. He must have been fast to catch it as I uploaded the modified one very quickly! I thought the swastika was bizarre and don’t know why it was on the original even. It’s a photo of a painting by a chinese artist.

  3. It’s because I’m a secret Nazi sympathiser 😉

    I did get it quickly, forgive my ignorance but wasn’t the swastika originally a buddhist symbol? Thus why it’d be on a Buddha?

  4. I didn’t know that and that answers the puzzle I had wondering why it was there 🙂 That’s 2 new things I’ve learned in the last hour and a half. THe first one being don’t make eye contact with a junkie getting your tea in spar or they will engage you in conversation and tell you all about last nights football and the fact that his girlfriend calls him silver balls as opposed to golden balls!

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