“There Y’are Now…”

So there we were, Colm, Jim-Jim and meself after getting our picture taken yesterday.

We were walking back through the lobby of a hotel to get to Colm’s car when who do we spy resplendent in all her stunning princess glory only Síle Seoige. She must have been on her way to something very glamorous as she looked like she’s just stepped off an RTE Guide cover shoot.

Of course JJ and I just kind of shuffled our feet waiting for the lift and copping shufty glances at an actual celebrity (I’m particularly shite at saying hello to other RTE people I recognise even though we work for the same bosses and I’m quite sure that kind of thing happens all the time to them.)

Seven years and I still haven’t managed it with Pat Kenny even though I say a very quick “howya” to him in the corridor from time to time, he must think I’m someone simple on some kind of day release. Anyway, we stood there awkwardly waiting for the lift that was taking an eternity to come until Jim-Jim had his moment of inspiration and said very quietly to me:

“There y’are now…. Seoige and O’Shea……”

8 thoughts on ““There Y’are Now…”

  1. Does P.K. go everywhere with an entourage? I kindof imagine him as being a pampered poodle in RTE – along with Gerry Ryan who gives far too much information about how he’s feeling and what he’s eating/drinking on air.

    As for Miss Seoige, a beauty for sure but a bit like Chandler Bing I always find something to fixate on, and with her it’s the way she moves her mouth when talking – it really bugs me, so when she is on tv I hold my hand over her head so I don’t have to watch her mouth. There y’are now – mental home next for me.

  2. Ahahaha Seoige and O’Shea, brilliant!

    Aj – I kinda see what you’re talking about, Lucy Kennedy does that for me too. Even still, if I was a fella, I wouldn’t say no to either of them, they’re only gorgeous!

  3. Chandler Bing was meant to have all those annoying little things I thought? matthew perry was great in the fantastic first five or so episodes of studio 60.

    Pat Kenny doesn’t seem entourage-y, always looks awkward with other people around him. I like him though, just on the Late Late Show all I can think of is how he’s a more realistic Alan Partridge.

  4. Hey maybe she listens to your show and was too shy to talk to you? 🙂

    Maybe not so much with P.K. He has his own planet to worry about.

  5. For that comment alone, I’m gonna listen to 2fm’s breakfast show tomorrow. But only tomorrow, mind.

    Good to see u at Springsteen the other night, dude

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