They Have The Internet On Computers Now

I haven’t mentioned here yet I think that I got one of these for my birthday 🙂


Alright. It’s mega.

Particularly the podcasting bit of it.

I miss quite a lot of radio I’d like to listen to so I’ve been doing an awful lot of catching up since I got it.


Best Of Chris Moyles

Best of BBC R4’s Today show

The Daily Mayo

David Mitchell’s Soap Box

Great Speeches in History

Jonathon Ross on BBC R2

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s movies


The Onion Radio News

President Obama’s Weekly Address

The Ray Darcy Show

RTE R1’s Conversations With Eamonn Dunphy, Playback, The Business and Marian Finucane

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Missed In History Class

Any new suggestions for me?

8 thoughts on “They Have The Internet On Computers Now

  1. “Freakin’ Romulans…”

    That screenwriters one I was telling you about has the Star Trek co-writers interview up now. You’ll love it.

  2. TimesOnline’s The Bugle, from John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, is always worth a listen.

  3. Will it download the podcasts automatically if it has a WiFi Signal? My Zen just died, have been thinking of getting one of these for a while now.

  4. Have three ready to go NRR, thanks…

    Will check those Paul, cheers.

    Brian, I’m still not sure how to subscribe to something. Suggestions anyone?

  5. Rick, you really must subscribe to NPR’s “This American Life” podcast. It is released weekly, every Monday. A truly beautiful show. OK, some weeks they have duds, but they are honestly few & far between.

  6. Agree with the above, This American Life is usually brilliant.
    Along with ‘Wait Wait! Don’t Tell Me’ from NPR and Friday Night Comedy from BBC R4.

    Also, No Agenda by Adam Curry + John Dvorak, bizarre and ridiculous conspiracy show, but worth a listen.

  7. The Word Magazine Podcast. hi-feckin-larious, but not for idiots.

    speechification. Interesting documentaries.

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