Think I’ve Recovered Sufficiently….

I have a few thoughts as I sit listening to the week’s new music (the Dylan album has just gone on….. I’ll have to wait and see…) and I think letting them spill out in random order is probably the way to go.

Cerys Matthews was genuinely lovely, we did have a long discussion about naming children, my ability to play the kazoo and I now have a standing invite to jam with her on her front porch if I ever make it to Nashville…. Sweet…..

Well done Kilkenny – we have no allegiance to Cork in the office and Amanda is from Kilkenny so it seemed the done thing to support the underdogs. Expect a fair amount of hungover gloating from her tomorrow and if you’re planning on heading to the homecoming maybe drop me a mail ( with your contact details and we might have you on for a chat…

This one is strictly for Brainwave members and health professionals – I’m honoured to have been asked to talk at the National Conference at the end of the month. See you THERE.

On a connected note, remember the night I asked you to keep free because you were coming out to a charity gig with me? Well the details are almost ready and the announcement will be later this week first here on the blog and then on the show. The show will be held at a major Dublin venue with all proceeds going to Brainwave – 7 well known bands/artists confirmed, a couple more just to be sorted, a few special guests on the night and we’ll be doing the show live from backstage πŸ™‚

Went to Virgin for the first time in ages yesterday and got seduced (as I have so many times before reaching back to teenagerhood!) by one of their 5 for €50 jobbies. Did come away with Supergirl (perfect Saturday afternoon fodder), Sunset Boulevard (one of the all, all-time greats), Steamboy (didn’t see this one and love Spirited Away), Meet Me In St Louis and A Star Is Born on a double disc and The Goonies πŸ™‚ Also scored King Kong Escapes for €12. It’s one of the Kong movies Toho made in the late 60s and yes, it does have a robot King Kong in it too…

You might remember the shelves of unread books from a couple of weeks ago? Well firstly thanks to the publishers who sent me their latest offering to help me restock (yes, I’m interested if you want to send me yours too!) but, at the market in the People’s Park in Dun Laoghaire today what did I do? Yup, bought more books…. A 1987 paperback of Lake Wobegon Days and a very bright pink 1984 edition of Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Josh Ritter on Tuesday from Letterkenny(!) and Maximo Park on Thursday for the musos among you, for everyone else the finest music known to man, reviews, gigs, movies, brilliant websites and you lot; loads of you lot being fascinating, funny and just plain disturbing.

Keep up the good work πŸ™‚


PS Were you at Electric Picnic, at Lisdoonvarna or see a new movie over the weekend and fancy telling us how you got on? Either mail with a brief synopsis of what you did and a contact number or just buzz us after 6 tomorrow on 1850 715 922.

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  1. Hey Rick!! Ah ya had to cheer for the cats!!! Can’t go pissing off ur KK fans now can u!! πŸ˜€ Good choice obviously!!! Yyyyaaaaaaaay!!

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