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I don’t do links posts very often and over the last day or so I’ve been asking myself why. Probably first and foremost because so many others do them, and do them exceptionally well. I’ve always tried to avoid walking the same path as people I like when I can even, thought they’re posts I usually thoroughly enjoy as I discover new treats from them.

But then I started balancing that with wanting to point to Irish blogs I enjoy and find illuminating, fantastic, weird or just compelling.

You see I know all these things in my head but I forget you aren’t wired in there (yet). I suppose RPs brush with the Andrew Sullivan traffic the other day added to the problem. In case you missed it she was linked to by one of the biggest blogs on the interweb and had more traffic in a day than she had in the previous 6 months. One of the fallouts (it’s a real word, I just wrote it) was that blogs all along her Blogroll found themselves ripples of increased traffic as people who had probably never seen an Irish blog before clicked over to her and chose to click on a few things just in case they liked them too…

So, even if it just means an extra odd reader here or there or them you should be reading:

Pint Of Unspecific – just in general, I like the cut of their jib.

Radgery’s lovelife – just all of it.

Alexia opens her head a little, again.

Darren finds the perfect tweet. What would the Ireland twitter account say? Anyone? πŸ™‚

Green Of Eye always finds the most interesting things…

Annie Rhiannon has again found herself in the most amazing or boring of roadtrips, depending on how you look at it.

Anthony’s adventures in management are reaching increasingly giddy heights.

I Just Got A Text has a question about nipples.

Mulley wants to come and play with you.

Lottie is mining the past.

SinΓ©ad K has an encounter in an underground room.

Maxi knows you’re watching him…

Annee makes us fall in love with Scarlett a little bit more…

Grandad and his satnav take their relationship to the next level.

There are hundreds of others I could do, but these shuld help you while away an otherwise productive day πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Think Links

  1. I like the cut of your jib, Rick. Promote that man!

    Think got some spillover from the Americans too. A Santa Barbara visitor. Pint of Unspecific on the Neverland computers? Horrifying thought. If youre reading this Michael… just beat it.

    … *cheesey grin*

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