Too Many Fish In The Sea…


Will put a smile on anyone’s face…

The Telegraph has the 20 most bizarre holiday grievances recieved by UK tour operators in recent years.

Guaranteed. Smile.

“One envious holidaymaker complained that his friend’s three-bedroom apartment was “clearly bigger” than his one-bedroom place, while others could not hide their frustration that it took them nine hours to fly back to England from Jamaica when it only took the American travellers a mere three hours to get home.

One Briton complained that the £3.50 pair of Ray Ban sunglasses bought from a street vendor, proved to be fake, another that his travel agent had failed to tell him to wear swimming trunks for his trip to a water park, while another tour operator was criticised for not telling a traveller that mosquitos could, in fact, bite.”

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  1. Quality stuff!

    Expect that if you buy a watch off the lucky lucky man – cheap as chips it will stop or infact operate in reverse from the second your foot hits the tarmac of Dublin Airport. Fact.

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