Turning 33…

It’s my birthday on Sunday….

I know your vast and lavish presents are already in the post đŸ™‚

Turning 33 has too much of a biblical ring to it. Also, realising that I did my leaving cert 15 years ago in June isn’t helping…


3 thoughts on “Turning 33…

  1. It’s also a good friend’s birthday, so many happy returns.

    Watch out though – there’s more to that 33/biblical thing than you think.

    It’s supposed to be the age that Jesus died at (and was once considered the average ‘halfway age’ in life) so it’s supposed to be the most philosophical, chin-stroking, ruminative year of your life.

    Good luck to you mate…

  2. Have a “Good Day” as the Aussies might say and if you start to suffer from stigmata you can say “it’s just my age”

  3. Already there SinĂ©ad even shy of the official day. It’s a good thing I think…. Must blog about it!


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