That was a week and a half….

Screen Dating finally taking flight, the girl who was Al Pacino’s PA, 9 of Republic Of Loose in studio,

people’s most intimate confessions, people stuck in the country’s biggest ever traffic jam, hearing them again the next morning on Morning Ireland(!), hearing people talk about how we kept them going on Liveline (!!), Aussie Idol Damien, the dog who sang along with the Coronation Street theme tune and the cat who said “no”, getting to sing harmonies with The Stunning,

your best jobs ever, the girl who danced with The Flaming Lips, Keith Duffy building houses in Cape Town, the Sawdoctors before the Celtic/United game, being nominated for a Meteor Award, the Roadcaster in Waterford with live Yes/No Patrol, Rod Stewart

Only scratching the surface… 🙂


PS If you’re going to Music Ireland I might see you there on Saturday as I’m on one of the panels; the legendary Bob Holness on Monday…. I jest thee not 🙂

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