7 thoughts on “Twenty’s Retirement

  1. i just read the entire thread, was set to jump in and ocmment and suddenly realized nothing there is relevant to me – i’m not irish. i dont know these people except you and darragh, and my opinion doesnt count for anything over there. but it was an interesting read, and i do agree on one thing – after you blog for awhile, you get to know people too well, the circle seems to close tighter and for people like me, it signals the end. hence the reason i left my ‘friends’ at livejournal and found a new place to blog.

    very interesting read.

  2. @Voodoolady – you and me both! 🙂

    @dm13 – your input, regardless of nationality or location would have been very welcome. It’s a conversation that anyone can join in on and share their opinions. I’m glad you found it interesting though!

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