U2 By U2 Signing…

Righty ho so.

This is a late one but worth making a big noise about – on Saturday morning U2 are singing copies of their new book U2 by U2 at a secret location in Dublin.

After 6 tonight we have 5 wristbands to give away. You get to meet the band and they all sign your book. Simple, eh? See you after 6…..


PS Oh, and Judge Jules is on tonight ahead of the 2FM Sessions Tour this weekend!

2 thoughts on “U2 By U2 Signing…

  1. Hey you said- and i remember distinctively- that you were going to post a link or at least the url of the “what’s yourr pirate name” on your blog? Unfortunately i don’t see it. it could be my own stupidity or you just didn’t do it. is the website called gangsta.com or gangster.com??
    (sorry if i seem rude i’m actually trying to be funny in a weird sort of way.)

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