United 93

There’s been tons said about this in the media before now – suffice to say that I went last week to check it out fully aware of the (mostly) uniformly positive reviews. It’s a stunning, heartbreaking and in some places violently repulsive film but an absolute must see nonetheless.

Take the most suspenseful moment you’ve ever seen in a film, re-run it for 90 minutes without it losing one iota of the effect it has on you and that’s how you’ll feel coming out. My heart was pounding for the whole duration.

It says huge amounts about the human condition, what went wrong on the day on the ground and how people react in the most impossible situations.

Brilliant. Just that. You have to see it.


8 thoughts on “United 93

  1. I watched it in the States last week. Two days before a 9.5 hour flight. Fantastic film but not recommended viewing before catching a flight.

  2. Actually most of my friends said the film was a pile of shite, they didn’t think much of it at all.

  3. The poster’s a little confusing though, since the plane went down nowhere near NYC…

  4. To ne1 who wants 2 c it, it’s bin out on dvd 4 months, u don’t have 2 c it in da cinema!

    4rm mango

  5. Don’t think so G – what you’re thinking of is Flight 93 the cheapy made for TV version….

    Don’t know about everyone else but I’d rather see a movie in the cinema anyday anyway…


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