11 thoughts on “Vicky Comedian Barcelona

  1. That’s freaky… I always confuse Morgan with Gerard Butler, and was conviced he was in PS I love You for ages and ages, despite having SEEN the freakin’ movie.

  2. He IS in PS I Love You. With Gerard Butler.

    I agree though that’s weird. Would still rather Morgan though. He looks less intense and more cheeky..

  3. Finally – I keep saying this and no-one agrees with me. Rick O’Shea agrees now so it must be true.

    And Jeffrey Dean Morgan is much much better looking that squishy face.

  4. Please take down the Robert Downey Jr pic. Stubble does not make him look like the two mugfaces above him. Downey Jr is just… *drool*

  5. Jays, that’s mad. I’d thought it myself before but seeing them beside each other – it’s uncanny.

    Mmmmmmmm, all three together and me. Filtee.

  6. I know yeah, when I saw the trailer, I was like, thats your man from Grey’s. They are the spit of each other. All three of them , its un~fucking~canny!

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