Viva Sligo!

Have only found out late on that Dan and I are stretching shifts (ooooh matron!) for Nikki tonight so I start at 8. Friday was Sligo – airport just a touch busier than the last time I was through there:

Nice swift flight up to Sligo and met a fascinating couple I shared the taxi with to the hotel. One of them had seen the article with me in the Herald and had another epilepsy story to share… The driver had many tales of the hotel we were heading to – the Clarion. Ex-mental hospital and the hotel Nikki wouldn’t stay in because she’d heard it was haunted 🙂

I didn’t so much have a room as an apartment 🙂 Sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, all very swish…. Two tvs, movies on demand, internet connection… Yadda, yadda, yadda…

The gig was great – people really, really nice (met the lads from Kudose who had come all the way from Mayo to put their demo into my hand! Now that’s devotion….) and much respect to Sarah and Karen (long, longtime show listeners who made up the cheering section for the night), Glen the dj who was on before me and the Coyote girls behind the bar including Liz and Angela who made sure none of us put our hands into our pockets all night! Sweet…..

Vicious rumour I’ll be back there in a few weeks – will keep you up to date…

Back to the hotel late, late…

Following night only punctuated by a friend suggesting one of our friends set up a cleaning company simply because she could call it:

Ethna Cleansing

It was one of the all-time great moments. Maybe the beer had helped. We ended up in the Front Lounge again as we do and someone noticed this:

He suggested that there’s a pub group that puts a stone angel up in all of their bars….? Urban legend or can anyone shed any light on that? Will post my frustrations at parking and getting a taxi at 3am in the Dublin Community Blog when I get the chance…


One thought on “Viva Sligo!

  1. Ah! The Clarion. I used to live in Sligo around the time they closed that place down, about 13 years ago. All of a sudden there were loads of mental patients with no where to go. All a bit scary, that these people were just dropped out of whatever system they had previously been in.
    I remember one day sitting outside in a rare ray of Sligo sunshine and this aul fella from the mental home was walking past…he walked with a severe stoop, almost doubled over…he stopped and slowly turned his head and stared right at me with wild eyes…then said the words I’ll ever forget…”Beware the Alsatian Dog!”. And then he went on his not so merry way. Strange but true!

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