Jaysus. I really should start paying attention. Or maybe Damien shouldn’t drop things like us when we’re all pissed…..? 😉

Nominations are officially open for the 2008 Irish Blog Awards!!!! I say this not so you can nominate me. Bollocks to that. But maybe you’d have a look at some of the fine blogs in the blogroll to your right and consider shining the bright light of our big night of the year on them…?

And if you’re a fellow blogger, of course, link to it on your spot too!

Have a gander HERE

5 thoughts on “Vote!

  1. Will pimp on the good word…

    These DJ’s eh not back in work till the 7th…some of ya’s have it lucky! :-

  2. Thanks Ben – second time I’ve had to feign mock indignation today with someone by pointing out I did work 4 of the 5 days of Christmas week including Xmas Eve and from 7am on Xmas morning itself 😉

  3. I worked through the Month of December right through to Christmas eve – nairy a day off for me.. Back again on day after St. Stephen’s – worked through to New Years Eve – off New Years Day. Worked Wednesday and Thursday this week. Finally taking a few days off for myself. Yes, cue the violin.. poor me – but when I heard all these texts to the various radio shows about people having to go back to work after the Christmas break I just wanted to shout “COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS THAT YOU HAD A NICE CHRISTMAS BREAK AT ALL”

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