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I did promise you….

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This Monday September 17th has been declared a National Day of Random Acts of Kindness and it’s all down to the listeners of RTÉ 2fm’s Rick O’Shea Show.

Rick decided on Wednesday to get his listeners to suggest possibilities for a “National Day Of…” after he and his production staff noted that nearly every day is a National or International Day of something or other yet these are just declared without the public having a say about what we the Irish people would like to see a “National Day Of…”

So Rick attempted to address the imbalance and after several hundred texts were sent into the show yesterday with various suggestions of what we should have a “National Day Of…” Rick and his team opted for a National Day of Random Acts of Kindness.

What this means is that on Monday, 17th September, the Irish public are encouraged to perform one random act of kindness for somebody else. It could be anything from giving up your seat on the bus to stopping for a chat with that co-worker nobody talks to.

Tune in to the Rick O’Shea Show on Monday afternoon 2pm – 5pm on RTÉ 2fm to find out how Rick and his listeners get on with their National Day of Random Acts of Kindness.

Webpage: http://www.rte.ie/2fm/rickoshea

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8 thoughts on “Wasting Taxpayers Money :-)

  1. You had illusions about me to begin with? Crap. Sorry, oh great one…

    Promise to do something evil next time. National “Poke Someone In The Eye Day” or something. All suggeestions gratefully accepted…

  2. I mean that in the sense that if you see a fucking cunt who has parked his Mercedes across two parking spaces in Drury Street car park, when spaces are at a premium, that you leave a note on his car calling him a ‘selfish fucking cunt’ before kicking one of his headlights in.

    That kind of thing.

  3. ‘Key someone’s car with Rick O’Shea day’.

    It even rhymes. I’m off to get the stickers printed up.

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