We Are All Dataists

Just finished reading this.


It’s out next month (he’s the guy that wrote the brilliant “Sapiens” that I reviewed earlier this year.

Long story short (and review to follow later) but the last section of the book deals with “dataism” and his theorising that the immediate future of the human race leads towards us all becoming data processing nodes in an enormous, ever-expanding and ever-faster information exchange system. Data like tweets, FB statuses and likes, Instagram pics, Snapchats, articles you share, fitbit data, everything your smartphone does, your car’s chip information, essentially anything that involves data of any kind.

I thought “fascinating” but I’m not sure how much I see it as being an accurate representation of life.

I’ve been sitting at my desk now since 8.30 and all I’ve done is shuttle information from one place to another in e-mails, tweets, FB posts and now here.

All. I’ve. Done.

I do it outside of work too.

Even this post is me processing data and passing it on.

He’s right.