What Is That Box In The Corner Of The Room….?

I’m in a loved up mood this evening…

Maybe it’s the lack of TV for the week, maybe it’s the broken sleep, maybe it’s the caffeine overload, the thoroughly enjoyable show we did today or the actual sunshine…. Not sure.

Anyway thank to Elana and her lovely hubby for calling over tonight with “the hat”. People don’t do the homemade, personal touch anymore and those who do go to the top of the class 🙂
(not actual size)
And to the Beaut.ie girls – right back atcha ladies. Have started using a really great Molton Brown shaving cream I must tell you about…

The turn off TV thing is going gangbusters. Not a pixel has passed my eyes since Sunday night and I’m not gagging in the slightest. We’ve filled the time constructively at home, the evenings seem longer and I’m even getting to write blog entries! We’ll have all of our listeners whose progress we’ve been following on the show tomorrow to see who cracked and who blossomed…

Thanks to ror who sent me a Bebo message about the “things you’ve queued for” topic we did at the end of the show today:

howya rick,listening to your show got me wantin to send you this pic i took after i’d seen the painting on the roof of the sistine chapel.this queue went on for miles….seriously


3 thoughts on “What Is That Box In The Corner Of The Room….?

  1. Ah crap…. Had the name of it written down and everything when I was in the bathroom this morning! It somes in a tube…. See how good I am at this?



  2. Glad you like the hat, I’m quite proud of it. 🙂 Hope it keeps the little guy warm. And you certainly seemed to not notice the tv in the corner!

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