What Shape Is Chocolate…?

It’s strange where the human mind takes you sometimes… Last night on my way down to studio Dan gave me 3 pencil-shaped After Eights which I’d never seen before. I had one on air and mused on the shape of chocolate.

As a result of which you spent the next 45 minutes telling me your favourite shape for chocolate (and some of you had extraordinarily strongly held preferences).

There was the classic egg shaped, square (of course), triangular (a favourite of mine too… Is there ever an acceptable time to come through an airport without buying a Toblerone?), through ball shaped, shoe shaped, hexagonal and even tetrahedral! There was even the time I bought Eiffel Tower shaped chocolate in Paris.

It was then that it all started to get a bit rude (as my listeners are prone to allow it to do) and we all thought about exactly what shape chocolate body paint is. I believe it’s boobie shaped…