What’s Your Name, What’s Your Job?

The nation has spoken. On the basis of a UK survey where James and Fireman were the preferred name and profession of your future life partner we asked what you thought. Methinks the girls took it slightly more seriously than the boys.

Top 5 boys names and occupations:

1. Stephen

2. James

3. Keith

4. Darragh

5. Craig (yeeeeeeees…….)


1. Bodybuilder

2. Massage Therapist

3. Pilot

4. Electrician

5. Prison Officer

Top 5 girls names and occupations:

1. Molly

2. Jackie (Right……)

3. Anna

4. Candy (wha?!?!?!)

5. Jodie(Double Wha?!?!?!?)


1. Stripper (*sigh*)

2. Hairdresser

3. Garda

4. Pole Dancer (*sigh**sigh*)

5. Nurse (Doing a strip around a pole, ob



Maybe you guys would come up with different…?

One thought on “What’s Your Name, What’s Your Job?

  1. As a Darragh who has a body, can massage, has been in a plane cockpit, works all day with electrical devices and, erm, knows a prison officer could I invite all the ladies looking for a partner and willing to settle for number 4 to get in touch 😉

    Can I also say to the need-to.spell-it-properly wannabe daraghs, daires, daras and so on, ha!

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