What’s Your Status?

Seen the new RSS feed I’ve added to the sidebar?

It collects my friends’ status messages on Facebook and thus is far more interesting than anything I could post here.

John Maguire if you see me in a bear fight, don’t help me, help the bear.April 29, 2008

Jarlath Holland is looking at bluetits on the Mooney website.April 29, 2008

Ruth Fitzgerald , are you suggesting coconuts migrate?April 29, 2008

Edwina Perrem Shine is very pleased that I got such a good deal on flights for our holiday to Italy!!!April 29, 2008

Blaithin Nic Giolla Rua is biting her finger again.April 29, 2008

Ryan Whalley is defining irony merely by existing.April 29, 2008

Diarmuid Byrne is looking forward to the match tonight.April 29, 2008

Sinéad Gleeson hopes United don’t screw it up tonight against Barcelona.April 29, 2008

Declan Cashin got to wear a 1,400 Euro Armani suit for 20 mins. Oh how the other half lives.April 29, 2008

Corina Gaffey is loving velets crunch!April 29, 2008

Justin Flavin is twittering.April 29, 2008

Belinda Jane Higgins is enjoying the sunshine.April 29, 2008

Sarah Francis is looking for a flatmate for Gail.April 29, 2008

Paul Mccabe is pulling up his sleeves in preparation for battle. Let me at them.April 29, 2008

Anna Lavery is awaiting Iron Man Madness 2nite.April 29, 2008

Kathryn Mason is finally getting round to replying to my Facebook messages…!April 29, 2008

Barry Dunne is in a dimly lit sound proofed room.April 29, 2008

Laura Coffey is so over getting the train to work!April 29, 2008

John Williams isnow the pround owner of Grand Theft Auto IV, may aswell say goodbye to life yippee.April 29, 2008

Priscilla Kotey is in holiday mode….April 29, 2008

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