Wrestling Fan?

This is where WWE wrestler Chris Jericho loses his grip on reality.

Rude words and throwing of punches involved for the sensitive of disposition…

6 thoughts on “Wrestling Fan?

  1. cant hardly blame the guy really… people are pushy, wont take no for an answer and i’d be pissed too if a total stranger put their hand on my shoulder and yanked me to keep me from going into my own vehicle. i just dont get fans sometimes, especially americans – canadians and irish are just as likely to spit on the sidewalk in front of a celeb and walk away from them as ask for a picture.

  2. No, no, I think you can Donna.

    While I completely understand the nature of being pissed off with people like that, hitting ladies is always a no no and hitting any civillians when you’re a professional wrestler like that I would presume is roughtly the same…

  3. you’re right of course about hitting a woman. a man shouldn’t hit a woman simply due to the difference in strength. not sure about the argument of him being a pro wrestler though – i just really feel sorry for people who are hounded beyond their blowing up point by ‘fans’.

  4. I think that it’s completely unacceptable for either a man to strike a woman or a woman to strike a man.Unless you are talking a life or death situation.Which this clearly was not.

    The guy is a complete dick-this can be applied to anyone who uses violence against another. Lots of ‘celebs’ have demanding or frenzied fans, but they let the cops/security handle the situation and rarely do you hear of an incident turning violent.

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