You Control The Radio… No, Seriously…

Actually I’ve had a thought…. And yes, that is a rare occurence for someone who does my job…. Ha! Beat you to it!

You might think that radio shows fall fully formed from our bonces like biographies from Jordan but alas no. Here I am, 8 weeks from the beginning of something brand new that I’ve never attempted before and have I got a bogs notion of where I should be starting….? Non.

That’s a bit of a lie to be fair. I have loads of crap that I’ve written down in a notebook over the years and never used and some of it is bound to be servicable if I shine it up a bit and give it a reality TV generation angle… Actually that’d be reality radio…. which would be Liveline… Maybe I haven’t thought all this through…

Anyhew, here’s my idea. You lot that read here seem to be fairly intelligent (and I include the hundreds of you who’ve surfed by over the last couple of days from search engines in search of “Lordi without masks”, perverts the lot of you. I’m glad they turned out to be fakes!) and I’m sure there are many of you who’ve yelled at the wireless in frustration over the years because it simply wasn’t doing exactly what you wanted it to… or was doing what you wanted to but just not in the right way…. or just because you didn’t like Gaybo’s tone of voice…..I digress (what’s new!)

We have a blank slate for this show and a team of people chomping at the bit (I know, me with a programme TEAM! Has the world gone mad!) but nary a whit of an idea as to what the show should be like. Should we interview bands, talk about movies, probe your brains. solve your love lives, cover games, play rock, dance, pop, Armenian nose flute music….?

So here’s my idea:

Send me your ideas.

Simple as that. Either comment below or mail them HERE if you’re shy. Everything will be taken seriously and maybe, just maybe one of you will suggest something that will one day make me rich and famous. I’ll send you a postcard from the Bahamas….

Or I’ll get one of my programme team to… whatever.



PS Huge big-ups to my friends Barry & Martin – found out on Friday night that they’re both getting step ups in their jobs and, given that we were all in college together it seems only the right thing to do.

12 thoughts on “You Control The Radio… No, Seriously…

  1. would love to hear more of Jenna Nicholls, David Hopkins, Brendan O ‘Shea, Mark Dignam and Michael Brunnock.

    They have joined forces here in the Big Apple. There idea is that by coming together they can help each other up the music business ladder. They have formed a resource/management company called Fairplay Collective and would love to give your listeners an interview about what is happing here in the East Village revival.

  2. ok so what does the public like most? Famous people. You should interview people who are big. Also lets say you see someone that just started out and you know will end up big but needs all the help they can get to get their name out their. Interveiw them

  3. Mike is right you should interview them…

    Jenna Nicholls, David Hopkins, Brendan O ‘Shea, Mark Dignam and Michael Brunnock

  4. drink

    yup be drunk on air! It’d be great and youknowsit

    or you could steal (ask permission for) some Peel sessions and play one every night. Lord knows there’s an infinite amount of them.

  5. Let me present it with you!!!!!

    It would be brilliant and you know it.

    I’m deadly serious too!

  6. you could sydicate podcasts from around the country a different 1 every night, i.e. ours…

    go on you know u wanna

  7. seeing how your so well connected, ahem.. how about a feature from broadcasters from other countires talking about what’s new and hot and happenin’ where they’re at?
    Diane in Canada would be all over it I’m sure.

  8. you should play more music by bands like soad,nirvana,metallica,alice i chians etc they never harfly get played.

  9. How about a more musically based show where unsigned bands send in demos and every week the listeners can vote for one of say, four or five of the best. Then the next week the winning band could come on the show and play a few covers [I say covers because listeners would recognise the songs and sometimes you have to hear a song a few times to really enjoy it] and maybe an original as well.

  10. personally, i think playin unsigned bands is always a good idea, although maybe mix them with sum of the same style stuff you have on your show now, cos the mix in genres an general good taste is definitly a good thing.
    Rach 😉

  11. I agree with Rach, but once a week… but expand it a bit!

    In fact you could try the Sky TV thing of having one day a week, every week devoted to…

    And because its once a week, you (hey you have a team now!) get a chance to research it a bit.

    For example, Wednesday is for the unsigned. Live in the studio, or playing the demos (which Dave USED to do). Mix it up with only Irish.

    Fridays, well this is the day on which new music is released (it’s Mondays in the UK, so beat them to it) so use it for new stuff. It’s also the new movies day. Reviews interviews.

    I’m sure you can fill in the rest of the days yourself.

    Just one thing… Keep the “access all directions” thing going. Blog comments / bebo/ myspace / e-mail / text / phone / stuff with actual stamps. It stops things getting stale.

    take care,

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