7 thoughts on “You Have Got To Be Kidding Me…

  1. i hate to admit i’ve never seen or read 1984. but yes… i know the general synopsis of the plot and yes i agree! its a conspiracy 🙂 between twitter, google latitude, and others – its actually getting scary out there. pretty hard to stay under the radar.

  2. What the fucking hell? I don’t know how you see that iLatitude thing is one step away from 1984 (I like the trailer) but it could reach it. on that note, Sweden recently enacted the FRA law which means that every single piece of communication passing between its borders can and will be monitored by the army- Finland is, I think, in the process of re routing its telephone lines (as half pass through Sweden)- Finnish privacy law states that Finnish communications, whether civil or otherwise, must be kept private. If there was ever another reason to hate Sweden.

    But yeah. I don’t like it.

  3. I’ll admit that it does seem pretty cool but I can see a lot of people getting caught out by it. How many people will have it active on their mobile like all the and forget to block their location when they are doing something.

    Like I don’t mean it in a sleazy way but even if you just didn’t want to meet someone at the weekend and you told them that you were out of town. Now they’ll know. :O

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