You. Me. Night Out?

I like nice little coincidences.

I’m up for the lovely Unarocks Soundcheck again (she used to be a blogger, remember her? 😉

Looks like it’s going to be Thursday April 2nd. These night always turn our to be huge fun, a little bit of chaos, colourful and nights when anything can happen in terms of what you hear from the DJs present – tha’s why I duzz it.


The coincidence has happened once before and now again – turns out Jason Roe is organising another BTW (blogger, tweeter, whatever) meet-up on the same night:

Sign up, come out, could make for a long one…

8 thoughts on “You. Me. Night Out?

  1. I was just about to make note of that myself, that the last time I went a Jason Roe meeting, we went to Soundcheck that night where lots of people turned up…

    Although at least this time I know more faces, so should be more fun! 😀

    * just hope I’m living close by that night *

  2. …and yet another event is on, on the same night – the SMedia Awards in the Mansion House. I find it utterly bonkers that I’m actually nominated for one of them (‘web designer of the year’ for the web site… MAD, ISN’T IT?… yes… it’s mad) – so I’ll be there. Depending on what time that ends though, and what kind of shindig is planned for after the ceremony, I may just head in a South-William-street-erly direction. 😉

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