You Say Either, I Say Either

This is one the lads at Overheard In Dublin would get a buzz from. I was in a nice restaurant in Ranelagh the other night and a young, posh, fairly vacuous couple were at the next table. They were talking about college coursework, jobs and a mutual love of rollercoasters so I wasn’t paying a lot of attention.

Until they were browsing the menu looking for dessert and I heard the girl say:

“Is that…? What’s that they have on the menu? Lee… Lie… Leeches? Is that Leeches?”

It took me a second.

Just in case she ever gets to read here – for future reference:





 Too cruel…?

7 thoughts on “You Say Either, I Say Either

  1. Ha ha, lovely overheard material alright. Must have been Mint was it (never been there but have read reviews. Haven’t eaten out in in a LONG time – talking years here!)

    Speaking of posh restaurants. The “herdeld” newspaper reported that some guy got €5k in court today because a fancy restaurant made a mistake and called him back over a gift voucher or something. This was in front of his girlfriend and other customers probably overheard. Simple mistake which was cleared up but a judge gives €5k for slander. His bill was over €300 for a meal for two! I didn’t think it was possible to pay so much for food.

  2. I was walking down Abbey Street last week and this woman passing by with a guy looked at her wallet and said to him “well….it’s either baby food or cigarettes”

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