Your Early Christmas Present…

Right, brace yourself. I know it’s very early in the morning for this, but…

These guys?



Opening here.

In time for Christmas.

Hamleys Dundrum is scheduled to open October 2008 and will occupy 37,000 square feet arranged over three floors, acting as an anchor in the soon to be opened Pembroke Avenue, located adjacent to Town Square. The new toy shop will replicate all the magical and experiential elements of the Regent Street store, promising the ultimate treat for all the family.


Message ends, I’m off for a quick lie down.

9 thoughts on “Your Early Christmas Present…

  1. So that’s what that is? Ahhhhhh. I have to go around the long way to get in the the shopping centre because of that but it looks like it’ll be worth it yay 🙂

  2. They must have heard all the other good reports from British retailers about the old exchange rate whiz. I’ll stick to Toymaster in Wickla for my toy needs – local Irish owned retailer flying the flag etc etc… humbug to hamleys – someone pee’d in my cheerios this morning also.

  3. No use now? Sod it, now I have the money to buy the toys I wanted when I was a kid. And thanks to the Transformers franchise… the new and updated versions of my favourite toys keep coming out.

    yes, My name is Will and I’m a toy addict.

  4. What’s that in metric?? 😉 harhar

    You’ve called the town centre by it’s old name. It’s new official name is FUNDRUM, don’t ya know.

  5. My dad brought us toys from Hamleys when we were kids and it was the most exciting thing ever. I got a water pistol that could shoot 30′ in the air, before all those modern pump action jobbies, and for a few days, I really was the coolest kid in the estate.
    If I go in there they’ll be rushing my emaciated body to hospital after 3 days (I have a very high metabolism).

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