Your Favourite Unconventional Movie Endings…

As promised the best of your texts from tonight about strange movie endings… One of the busiest nights on texts ever weirdly…

Lord of the Rings. Just how many endings were there. Get on the boat Frodo and leave! Liam from Limerick

The ending in Blade Runner ur left wondering is Decker a replicant too the very thing he hunts-Chris in galway

Good night Ric… Arlington road, the village, vanilla sky, unbreakable….Galway dave!

Best ending ever in a film was bubba ho-tep.ending was wierd just because the story involved a 70 year old elvis and a black jfk fighting a 4000 year old mummy in a texas rest home.ending was both sad and happy all at once. best film ever from paddy in fundalk. ¡

Ghost world has a fantastic ending. Also, Zatoichi or audition, japanese cinema is fun!

original Italian job ending, with the cliff and the gold talk about a cliffhanger! From gilbert the half dentist

Full metal jacket the mickey mouse club song as they march out of the burning city wierd or what (bloody cool though) oisin in the metropolis of galway

Wat bout night of de livin dead? De black hero gets shot. De zombies are replaced wit a white angry mob. Very touching… Terry frm limerick.

Its not really the ending but the raining frogs in magnolia came kinda unexpectedly..doug cork

The ending of the film Memento. Its a film about a guy with no memory. I like it bcos it goes backwards and the end should be the start. Eoghan in Kildare.

The end of 2001a space oddissdy was weird it did nothing for me . Kieran , cork

The end of the new dawn of the dead when the credits are playing and the people get to the island which is infested by zombies pure brilliance . From kieran , cork ¡

Movie end… Office Space. Yes i have a red stapler but i don’t gut fish at the desk . fermoy boy

Hey Rick. This is your brothers best mate Davey. Top show man. Surprised I didn’t hear it but you never mentioned The Usual Suspects. Keiser walks away. Cool

Monty python.. Holy grail.. Weirdest ending at first.. Then at about the 20th time it makes perfect sense

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind good film good ending jo in luimneach

Has to be titanic.Nobody could see that coming.The ship was unsinkable!!

The ending of the butterfly effect is excellent.took me afew minutes for it all to click into place though!lonan in bloods

Lost in translation has a very annoying ending! Wat do u tink? Luv jenny in cork xox


2 thoughts on “Your Favourite Unconventional Movie Endings…

  1. Great text topic thing yesterday rick.Hope ya decide to buy yourself a copy of Bubba.It has the dubious honour of being named my favourite film ever just edging out competition from a hilariously bad movie which also has an hilarious ending,Ninja Terminator.After a fight between 3 ninjas The victor gets the golden ninja warrior statue.As one of the losing ninjas lays down looking at him he does a crazy hand movement which causes him to explode in a very poor looking explosion…….and thats it blank screen the end

  2. kill bill!! KILL BILL!! KILL BILL!!! 🙂 just a fantabulose movie, both one and 2 but vol ! was so much better LOVE IT!!

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