Your Starring Role…

Morning all. This is one for the Bank Holiday weekend. For the beer garden, the beach, the BBQ.

I was standing at the bus stop this morning on the phone to someone when a thought came into my head, it has since led to dozens of other thoughts.

This isn’t my idea, I’m not that creative so the only conclusion I can draw is that this must be an idea from God. I’m just the prophet.

Take a movie, add the name of someone you know. Hey presto:


The Ruth About Cats And Dogs

Ray FK

Lar Trek

The Termulleynator

Steph Up

Annie Given Sunday

Grosse Pointe Frank

The Claire Witch Project

Amanda Of No Importance

Darraghthon Man

The Seanshank Redemption

The Lizard Of Oz

Star Trek 2 – The Wrath Of Cáit

No Country For Old Ben

Liam America – World Police

Niamhing Las Vegas

Angela & Demons

Vicki Cristina BarcelUna


Yes, I know. It’s the same format as a lot of other games I’ve enjoyed recently, like I said, I’m not that creative. The only rule is that is has to be the name of someone you actually know. It’s funnier that way, too.

Now, go play…

20 thoughts on “Your Starring Role…

  1. Memoirs of an Invisible Sam
    The Picture of Larry and Graham
    The House on Haunted Phil
    A Nightmare on Alan Street
    Night Pauls on Manhattan
    Nightmare Before ChrisD
    Murders in the Sue Morgan (I knew a Sue Morgan)
    Gary Maguire

    Darren: What if the film already has names in the title? Jack and Sarah, Mad Max, Jane Eyre…

    Rick: Not acceptible…

    Darren: I guessed so

    Rick or Treat
    To Gill a Mockingbird (also Bill, Phil, Syl and Lil)
    THX 113Kate
    A Hannah Darkly
    The Thin Ted Line

  2. The Last Temptation of Chris
    Danisquito (what? you’ve never seen Mansquito?)
    Under Siege 2: Dark Territruari
    The 39 Stephs
    Strickly Ballroom

  3. The Rick and the Dead
    Darren Away
    A League of Their Eoin
    The Devil’s Eoin
    The Lyons in Winter
    Cáit of the Penguins

  4. Antoment
    Peter by the Dozen
    Collater Al
    A.I. Artificial Intellijence
    Darragh Falls
    Riding In Cait With Boys
    Just Maried
    The Benwarmers

    LMAO… this is funsies.

  5. Throw Darragh from the rain
    The Tim Machine
    Trudi Madly Deeply
    Monsters Vs Alan
    The Chronicles of Darina
    Arsenic and old Lance
    The Blair Rick PRoject
    Elly Which Way But Loose
    Oceans Kevin
    The Paul Guy
    The Tim (The Thing)
    Mark City
    The Lily Vanishes
    Mitch Black
    Niamh at the Museum: Battle of the Smith Sonian
    Angela & Deena
    X-Men Oliver: Wolverine
    Ghosts of Garfield Past
    State of May
    Terminator Samvation
    Dance Mick
    X-Mark Origins: Wolverine

  6. Star Wars: The Empire StRicks Back
    Three Bens and a Baby
    Total ReCait
    Out of AfRicka
    Indian Jones and the Last Sinead (I tried my best!)
    Planet of the James
    Lord of the Ricks (was that done already?)

  7. Amanda of No Importance????? I’m highly offended :-p ah no not really… I only came up with these

    Dead Pam
    Shine-ad (that’s meant to be Sinead combined with Shine btw, don’t know if it’s obvious)
    Cait Buy Me Love
    Ricochet (hee hee)
    David of the Dead

  8. The Usual SueSpects
    Jean Streets
    The Pink PantGer
    APaulCalypse Now
    ARickNaphobia 😉
    Jurassic Mark
    Groundhog May
    Tim City

  9. We played this in the car down to Powerscourt on Friday. The best ones were:
    Brogen’s Run
    Collarteral Deange
    Eimear which way but loose

    Haha. Good work on the game dude!

  10. Notting Bill

    Finding Liam-og

    Bratty McPhee (my bratty daughter’s nickname)


    Grace on a Plane (she is actually scarier when flying)

    all my husband could come up with
    Mona Lisa – humph!


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