25 Words Or Less – 3 For The Price Of One


I Am Legend

Me? Love me stories of the apocalypse. Then why was I bored here? Not sure. Like 28 Days Later but with no scares or personality.


No Country For Old Men

Bloody fantastic (pun intended). Harks back to early Coens in the best possible way and Javier Bardem is legendary. A killer start to 08.



This is very cool, and I’m a boy. Amy whasserface is great, the gags are smart (even if the best ones are in the trailer).

7 thoughts on “25 Words Or Less – 3 For The Price Of One

  1. I LOVED Enchanted, literally danced my way out of the Savoy.

    Can’t wait to see There Will Be Blood and Juno.

  2. The Savoy you say? That’s a cinema you know… I write a cinema blog you were supposed to write a post for ages ago….. See how I did that? 😉

  3. As a fan of the book I was really disappointed coming out of the cinema after seeing I Am Legend and I went in with really low expectations. What should have been a great psychological study turned into a yellow pack 28 days later.

  4. Thanks for the reviews. I’ll probably wait for I Am Legend on DVD. I may have to see PS I Love You just for the nostalgia of seeing Oirland on the big screen. I was pleasantly surprised with Enchanted too. Watch out for Juno – it’s very good.

  5. we saw I am Legend, and its not what we expected.. the way its touted over here in NAmerica is almost like a Horror show or zombie movie… i actually quite enjoyed it. I liked the idea of things happening that were gory but you didnt actually see the gore… had to use more of your imagination. i found that refreshing in a sea of chainsaw bloodbath flicks here lately.

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