Am I Really The Centre Of The Universe…?

Open Google.

Search for “Bebo”

Notice the second profile listed.



6 thoughts on “Am I Really The Centre Of The Universe…?

  1. I couldn’t see you in first 20 results.

    Maybe the world rotates around you in an ellipitical pattern and you’ll be back on top in no time at all.

  2. Probably making a fool out of myself because I once again didn’t get the irish humour. But MY profile is 2nd! MyProfile=Y !! so there.

  3. Are you serious? Is it maybe picking up on the fact that you’re loged into Bebo? Have you tried searching from another computer?

    What’s the craic with Bebo anyway? It seems to have just come completely out of nowhere.

  4. It seems to pick you every second time i try it.

    Good publicity maybe

  5. I don’t think that at all – tried googling it in Belgium from a public computer the other day and same thing! Anyone at Google Ireland got a clue…..?


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