8 thoughts on “Americans Are Not Stupid… With Subtitles!

  1. Haha saw this a while back and it is just as funny!! So so true unfortunately. Thankfully my Yank accent is very slight these days and most people think I am Irish!

  2. Personally – pedantic though it may be – I think all the misspellings in the subtitles are almost as funny as what people are saying…

  3. thank god i’m a canadian. i had a thought though… if americans (the ones polled at any rate) are this unlearned about iraq, iran, the war on terror etc… then perhaps thats a good thing. it means they arent watching CNN, arent watching the speeches by Bush and his supporters and arent being polluted about things from a one sided view point. surely that has to count for something good right? 🙂

  4. Have to agree with DarragH, the misspellings are very funny.

    Mr Foley on the other station played a clip of are you smarter than a 10 year old a few weekes ago. Woman was asked what Eurpoean country Budapest is the capital of. She then went on that she thought Europe was a country and then that she had only heard of France but she didn’t know if it was a country. Such a self-involved population for a country that seems to be involved in so much on the other side of the world.

  5. Ha-saw that clip as well…it was Kelly Pickler who was in American Idol a couple of years back. Definitely short of a few brain cells there!

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