Me No Ski


We’ve had technical problems. Outside of our control. Couldn’t get some thing to hook up with some other studio, network, broadcast, purple monkey dishwasher. Blah, blah, blah. So, Ski Dating is going ahead with our 6 single guys and girls already in Val D’Isere as I type.

No, I’m not on the net in some cosy café or wrapped up warm with a glass of schnapps in our cabin.

I’m at home in Dublin.

Amanda and David are there to report back across the week. Me? I had to resort to this for kicks 🙁

4 thoughts on “Me No Ski

  1. my pappy always used to say, tis better to have skiid and lost than, no better to have lost than skiid , no no wait… ah yes better to have loved the ski…

    Whats your favourite humming noise?

    What the lord giveth the piste taketh away, your time will come young skywalker!

  2. Ach worse things happen at sea lads. It’s nice to pretend to Amanda and David that I’m really pissed off though 🙂

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