And Now For Something Completely Different…

I don’t normally do links posts but I did read a few things in the Sunday papers I thought you might like…

Remember how I was raving about the credentials of Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who ditched his Airbus 320 in the Hudson last week, saving everyone on board? Well the story is more extraordinary than you might think:

“He looked like David Niven in an airplane uniform. He looked unruffled. His uniform was sharp. You could see him walking down the aisles making sure everybody got out.”

Rupert Cornwell writes my favourite article about the Obama inauguration out of the at least 50(!) I read this weekend:

“The Bush era of wilful ignorance, anti-intellectualism and zealotry is out. The English language is back. So is nuance, pragmatism, and a respect for non-partisan expertise.”

There’s a really good interview with Springsteen in The Observer, particularly his musings on letting go of the past:

“In other words, your past is your past. You carry it with you always. These are your sins. You carry them with you always. You better learn how to live with them, learn the story that they’re telling you. Because they’re whispering your future in your ear, and if you don’t listen, it will be contaminated by the toxicity of your past.”

And Mitchell And Webb’s David Mitchell is simply my favourite thing about the Sunday papers every week, this being no exception:

It’s been decided that 2009 is going to be a terrible year and that the best thing to do, while we wait for the shit to hit the fan, is wonder what we’ll look like when we’re spattered with excrement.

Don’t worry, there’ll be more silly Youtube videos and pointless website links along later…

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  1. Thank God for that. Thought you were going all intellemellectual there for a bit!

    Good recommendations though – will check ’em out.

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