Ansel Adams Can Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass



I have no idea where to start with my first trip to New York at the age of 35. Suffice to say I have had the most incredible 6 days of my life. In terms of what I did I’m going to let the pictures speak mostly, as usual here. However, I have learned some crucial things…

4 nights at 4 successive shows on Broadway (Phantom Avenue Q, Chicago and All My Sons with John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest and Katie Holmes) can give a boy a taste for the theatre.

Speaking of that, rootbeer tastes like TCP.

The Empire Diner in Chelsea gave me the greatest breakfast I’ve ever had (poached eggs, english muffin, bacon, sausage, “Chelsea fries” and coffee) all for less than a tenner. 

It is heaven for an architecture junkie like me. Within one island you have the Chrysler, Woolworth, Empire State, GE, Seagram, Paramount, Hearst, UN and Flatiron buildings just to start with.

Victoria’s Secret isn’t a secret to me anymore.

According to the newspapers, President Obama has just appointed his ambassador to Mars.

The world’s biggest sheet music store is just off Times Square and you can easily lose an hour there perusing posters, trinkets and the like.

Finding exactly the book I’d been looking for in the sale section of a store in Greenwich Village in the snow was one of the coolest things ever.

Top Of The Rock in sub-zero temperatures at 11pm is the most incredible experience.

HDTV and a huge screen in your room shows all the lines on Jay and Conan’s faces. TV stars here beware…

You walk into MOMA and next thing you know it’s 6 hours later and you wonder where the day’s gone (but that’s for another post).

The only free things in the city are the Staten Island Ferry and the print version of The Onion but everything else is pretty decently priced if you know where to go.

Out of the over 300 photos I took, I thought you might like a few…













20 thoughts on “Ansel Adams Can Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass

  1. I was there for the millenium. I felt the same. I’d never seen anything like it. Would love to go back some day.
    All that’s missing in the pic with the steam and the Chrysler in the background is a smiley badge.

  2. Welcome back Rick…
    Some great shots there! Really captured the city in a great light. Just one of those places you know is gonna be magic once you step out of the cab.


  3. the chrysler building is my absolute favorite building in all the world – but i’ve never seen it. yet. if you post all your pictures, i will look through every single one of them. i too am an architecture junkie, am longing to see NY one day and the black and white gives it an old world feel that is mesmerizing.

  4. great shots, I take it you made it to B&H then? 😀

    Gonna head back to NY later this year hopefully. It’s just too damn fantastic a place to stay away from!

  5. Great city – fab photos. What of being 35 and it being your first trip though – there’s loads of people have never been to the states – in fact, there’s loads of people have never been outside Ireland in their lives.

  6. Donal, as requested…

    Pedro, you’re too lovely. And full of nonsense.

    Ryan, too right!

    AJ, I suppose it’s just that almost everyone I know has been there at one point or another 🙂

  7. different strokes for different folks. 9 is the one i dont much care for. i think 8 is stunning, 7 is amazing and 2 fuels my imagination for what i think NY would be like.

  8. you’d better give a big fat kiss to ansel adam’s dead ass cuz your photos really SUCKS.I mean it, really.

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