Is this real and accurate my techie friends….? The people behind it claim that it represents the people on Bebo with the most friends. That would put me in the Top 10 GLOBALLY.

That can’t be right, can it….?


3 thoughts on “Bigulo…

  1. Hey Rick,
    I’m one of the people guys behind bigulo. Your one of the most popular people on bebo, 13th out of 1.6 million.

    How do we calculate this?
    We look at everyones top 16 list of friends on their bebo profile, and we count every time you appear. You appear in the top 16 of 225 bebo profiles.

    We only consider a persons top 16 friends because we figure, those are the people they like the most. Nikki Hayes is storming ahead at 2nd, with 539 top 16 friends. If you want any more info, drop us an email at

  2. I wasn’t even aware that site existed til I read your blog. And then I see I’m number one!

    IN YO FACE!!!!

    Oh, hope you’re well, regards to the kids.


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