Smile :-)

I it wrong that I smile when I walk past a Mercedes with a parking ticket? Probably πŸ™‚

Right – random-thought-a-rama as the battery is running out on my laptop:

Went for the glory of human civilisation that is afternoon tea in the Radisson Hotel on the Stillorgan road recently. Wow. Never have two people felt more out of place or been so fulfilled so much by what looked like so little… 4 pots of tea later we waddled out into the sunshine very happy bunnies indeed…

Favourite promotional item of recent times?

Stark new haircut… And Jaysus check out the bags under my eyes! I really have to think about trying that new…. sleep thing all the crazy young folk are trying…

Also went to the Radio Awards on Friday night in the company of me mates at Warner Music… I’m never mad about these things – when you go and aren’t nominated the ceremony can feel long and boring. When you are it’s worse because you know you’re not going to win but your adrenal glands aren’t in on the secret πŸ™‚

700 people there this year… That’s an awful lot of salmon starters…

It’s always lovely to pretty much ignore the event itelf and bitch with your mates which is just what I did πŸ™‚

I’m still quite reticent to talk about the show in any depth here really. I’m just fully expecting to be tapped on the shoulder at any moment and be told “sorry mate – you know you’re in the wrong place, don’t you?”

Last night alone we did a plethora of callers telling us their “What if….?” stories. My favourite? The girl whose brother was due to go to a plumbing job in the WTC on 9/11 and instead opted for the job at Jamiroquai’s apartment…

We had Martin Black, the absolutely fascinating manager of Eason’s in O’Connell Street telling us all about the celeb signings they’re had there recently and in the past, Steven from the Barenaked Ladies, Finian McGrath giving out about the new Robbie Williams album and all this week your chance to go to our first ever movie preview We’re screening Christopher Nolan’s new film The Prestige in Movies@Dundrum in November. If you want to go just listen tonight and one winner is going to the London premiere πŸ™‚

Think I’m on Dustin’s show this evening for my sins… Off all next week… It’s just all completely full on every day with no chance to catch my breath. Apart from now sitting in my cafe obviously πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Smile :-)

  1. Jasus Rick, Dalek cufflinks and a screening of The Prestige with the lovely Hugh Jackman, YOU ROCK!!!

  2. Where oh where did you get that Divine Comedy mug? Am v jealous. You going to the gig next week?

  3. Hey Sinead – there were loads hanging around the office. Will see if I can get you one!

    And Danno, it wasn’t falling off really… It was more a case of the complex engineering required to keep Lindy’s modesty intact temporarily giving off the illusion of malfunctioning….



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